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Old Cuban

Old Cuban: A Sophisticated Cocktail in Krakow’s Cocktail Bar

Despite its name, the Old Cuban cocktail does not have a direct connection to Cuba. It was created in the early 2000s by Audrey Saunders, a renowned bartender and owner of the Pegu Club in New York.

It is a refined mix, a kind of cross between the classic Mojito and the French cocktail French 75. A key element of the Old Cuban is the use of aged rum, which adds depth to the drink compared to the standard white rum used in Mojitos, and the inclusion of sparkling wine bubbles instead of plain soda water.

The Old Cuban, being the quintessence of sophistication, fits perfectly into the offerings of any cocktail bar in Krakow, adding a note of exclusivity to the menu. In Krakow’s clubs, where modernity meets tradition, this cocktail becomes a symbol of exceptional quality and unforgettable experiences.