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We’re serving breakfast till 16:00  !

Welcome to the Ultimate  Destination for Breakfast in Krakow!  

Breakfast ? Just a couple of steps from the Main Market Square, nestled amidst the vibrant heart of Krakow, we serve what many tout as the “best breakfast in Krakow”. If you’ve been pondering, “where to eat breakfast in Krakow” or specifically “where to eat breakfast in Cracow”, look no further. Our bistro, a confluence of culinary tradition and contemporary tastes, is the answer.

The “first meal of the day”

While the Polish Dictionary simply defines breakfast as the “first meal of the day”, we see it as a celebration, a way to embrace life and the endless possibilities that a new day brings. It’s a rendezvous with friends after a long night, an intimate date, a business negotiation starter, or even a solitary moment of peace in the whirlwind of life.

Being veterans of Krakow’s morning scene, we’ve poured our expertise and passion into curating a menu that offers both classic favorites and innovative new dishes. And for those of you with the “brunch in Cracow” search on your browser, our extended weekend timings ensure you get the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch.

Try our signature dish for breakfast :
The best Benedict Eggs in Krakow

Our Signature Dish – The Benedict Eggs: A breakfast classic that originates from New York in the 19th century. Imagine two perfectly poached eggs, oozing with richness, enveloped in a muslin hollandaise sauce, served atop crispy bacon and thick slices of the local bread Poland is famous for. Pair it with a cup of our finest coffee, nodding to the tradition of “coffee for a złoty”, albeit with a modern twist, and you’re set for the day!

You’re looking for something light?

Looking for something lighter and healthier? Try our homemade granola, crafted right here at Gołębia 6. Served with natural yogurt, peanut butter, seasonal fruits, and mint, it’s a refreshing bowl of goodness. And if you’re in the mood to indulge a little, a glass of prosecco on the side never hurt! But, don’t just take our word for it. Experience it yourself.

Our journey has been marked by years of exploration and love for Krakow’s culinary scene, all culminating in the creation of this bistro. A place we’re proud of, a place where we can serve you with a smile, our cherished classics and novel concoctions alike.


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