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Club Krakow Old Town

At Lastriko, the best club in Krakow the Old Town, music merges with energy, creating a unique combination that attracts nightlife adventurers. Whether you prefer classic rhythms or the latest hits, our club is the perfect place to express yourself on the dance floor.

Discover the essence of Krakow’s nightlife at Lastriko – the Old Town club, where every night becomes an unforgettable experience, and the rhythm of music leads your steps. Join the fun!

Best club in Krakow

Our club is situated in the heart of Krakow and stands out as one of the city’s most popular nightlife destinations.

Club Philosophy: At Lastriko, our philosophy is built on the values of PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. These principles shape our unique community and atmosphere, creating a place where everyone can find something special.

best club krakow

Music for Everyone: From Classics to Electronic:

At Lastriko, we don’t limit ourselves to one musical genre. Our diverse repertoire, covering timeless hits and electronic sounds, guarantees that everyone will find something they enjoy. We regularly host house parties and other special events, so be sure to follow our social media to stay updated.

Best drinks in Krakow

Best drinks in Krakow, Cozy Interior and Unique Atmosphere:

Our club’s interior features comfortable velvet sofas and mesmerizing disco balls, creating the perfect atmosphere to relax and dance. Quality is our priority, so we offer only the best drinks and refined cocktails served by experienced bartenders.

Cultural events at Lastriko

Cultural Events – From Stand-up Comedy to Night Parties: In addition to the best music, Lastriko offers cultural events such as stand-up comedy and other attractions that enrich our nightlife. It’s a place where you can laugh, have fun, and enjoy life in the best company.

Join Us! Looking for the perfect club for an unforgettable night in Krakow? Discover Lastriko and join us for unique evenings. Find out why we are recognized as the pearl of Krakow’s nightlife. Come for unforgettable moments filled with music, dance, and fun!

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In summary, Lastriko is a charming venue located in the Old Town, a club distinguished by its unique atmosphere and exciting nightlife. As the quintessence of Krakow’s nightlife, Lastriko invites you to experience unforgettable moments.

Nightclub Krakow – Lastriko

Nightclub Lastriko – now you know where to dance in Krakow: If you’re looking for a place to dance in Krakow, Lastriko is where every step becomes part of an extraordinary dance. Our doors open for enthusiasts of club atmosphere, eager to experience intense dance and music sensations.