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Welcome to a hidden garden in the heart of the city!

Our charming garden is a place where nature and the urban atmosphere meet in perfect harmony. Hidden from view, it is a true gem for all seekers of peace and a unique experience of culinary delight.

Start your day with an energizing breakfast surrounded by lush greenery. Choose from a wide range of tasty dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients, that will make your morning look special.

In the evenings, our garden turns into a magical place where you can immerse yourself in the world of excellent music served by the best DJs.

Cocktails prepared by our bartenders will perfectly complement the atmosphere, creating unforgettable moments that will stay in your memory for a long time.

The garden in the city center is our pride and secret, waiting to be discovered and share its beauty with you. Experience a green oasis in the concrete jungle and feel how urban vitality intertwines with natural harmony.

On Wednesdays we organize concerts with live music, and every other Thursday we move to sunny Italy, or rather sunny Italy moves to us, to spend the evening together to the accompaniment of Italian music and cocktails.