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In the very heart of Krakow, where history meets modernity, Lastriko Cocktailbar presents one of the most iconic cocktails – Espresso Martini.

This fascinating cocktail, which combines the intensity of espresso with the smoothness of vodka and the sweet taste of coffee liqueur, is not just a flavor, but an experience.

Invented in the 1980s by the famous London bartender Dick Bradsell, the Espresso Martini was created at the request of a model who was looking for something to “wake her up, then f**k her up”. Its original recipe is a combination of vodka, sugar syrup, two types of coffee liqueur, and freshly brewed espresso.

Despite its name, the Espresso Martini is not a traditional martini, as it contains neither gin nor vermouth. The name derives from the characteristic shape of the glass in which it is served. It’s not just a tasty cocktail but also a drink with a rich history and countless possibilities for personalization. Every coffee and cocktail lover will find something to their liking in it.

At Lastriko Cocktailbar in Krakow, we are proud to present this unique drink on our menu. Our club in Krakow is a place where tradition meets modernity, and each sip of Espresso Martini transports our guests to a world of sophisticated flavors and elegant experiences. We invite you to visit us and discover this exceptional cocktail, the quintessence of our cocktail bar.